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Workshops/Courses (Held at my Office or other local venues) – ARCB Provider #P00126

Learn to apply the soothing, healing principles of REFLEXOLOGY, ACUPRESSURE and EAR CONING.   

This is a great value! For less than the price of a ‘session’, you’ll receive a session AND a new skill to apply in your personal and/or professional life with these workshops – PLUS accumulate those elusive CEUs you may need.

Introduction to FOOT or HAND Reflexology

Becoming a Reflexologist requires special training, and certification, but understanding the way Reflexology works will add a new dimension to hand or foot therapy for your family and friends or to enhance your practice. Ample “Hands On” time to practice during the workshop. Handouts are provided, so you won’t forget the techniques.

  • 3 hour hand or foot class – Cost $49 each. 3 CEUs each
  • 5 hour class – Hand only—more intensive – Cost $79. 5 CEUs

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Acupressure Techniques for Head and Neck

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that involves applying pressure to certain meridian points on the body to relieve pain. Acupressure uses the gentle but firm pressure of hands. It is an effective method for tension related ailments, relaxing muscular tension and balancing the vital life forces of the body. Using acupressure on the head and neck will have a therapeutic effect on the whole body. Ample “Hands On” time to practice during the workshop. Handouts are provided, so you won’t forget the techniques.

  • 3 hour class – Cost $49. 3 CEUs


Ear Coning Certification Workshop

Ear coning/candling is a safe, simple, natural way to remove excess wax and debris from inside the ears. Long tapered candles are inserted gently into the ears, then lit. The hollow cone creates a slight vacuum effect, oxidizing, vaporizing and drawing softened wax and debris from the ears and providing a soothing, warm, healing environment. This is a very gentle and non-invasive process. Its benefits include people who: (1) work outdoors; (2) are in dusty environments; (3) participate in water activities; (4) have chronic ear aches; (5) have allergies; (6) feel blockage in the ears; (7) wear hearing aids; (8) have sinus infections; and (9) have excess wax build up. You will learn all about Ear Coning, Earn a Certificate of Completion, learn what equipment is needed and the steps to an effective coning session. Ample “Hands On” time to practice during the workshop. Handouts are provided, so you won’t forget the techniques.

  • 3 hour class – Cost $89. 3 CEUs

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Marketing YOU and Your Business

Most of us aren’t excited about that – BUT – to have a successful business, it needs to be done. Join others, brain-storm together, and get some of the help you need to market your business creatively and successfully.
You’ve finished your course, learned your craft, now what?
You’ll leave this class with: Vision/Mission Statements, Elevator Speech (the 30 second – 1 minute answer to “What do YOU Do?, Marketing/Networking/Business Environment Plan.
You need to Pre-Register, You will be asked to do some preliminary “work” before the class

  • 4 hour class – Cost $69. 4 CEUs

*NEW*ONLINE* “Marketing YOU and your Business” Course (see Product Page for further information)

Hand Reflexology Certification Course

The most commonly practiced and best known form of reflexology is foot reflexology. However, hand reflexology is being used more and more. It shares all the benefits of foot reflexology, while providing some clear advantages: Hand reflexology may be done anytime, anywhere, including Health Fairs, Nursing Homes and Hospitals. Hands are closer in proximity to the head and upper torso of the body; fingers are longer providing more area for thumb walking reflexes located there; you can show others techniques to do at home. It is also most suitable for self-treatment and a good alternative for people who don’t like to have their feet touched.

strong>If you are interested in this 120 hr. course to become certified in Hand Reflexology, contact me for more detailed information at, or 401-714-5722.

  • 120 hours(40 in-class) – Cost $695. 120 CEUs

    Next Course – Starts FALL, 2018

    Reflexology/Acupressure/Ear Coning are integrative, non-invasive therapies.
    They are NOT a substitute for health care by a licensed medical professional.