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feet_modelFoot Reflex Model Set L&R

Price: $18.99 S&H: $6.99

OUT OF STOCK-Large size (8″ x 4.2″), flesh colored, soft plastic foot model set (i.e., includes both left and right foot). All of the main foot reflexology points are shown on both feet and ankles. Comes with a manual, which includes a 23 page section of “common diseases”, listing the disease and the foot (and ear) reflex areas that will benefit your clients. For a larger picture showing the reflexology points, contact me at

What a visual to show your clients, students, and others, of what reflexology is all about and the location of those reflexes that affect our entire body.

ear_modelReflexology Zone Model Ear

Price: $12.99 S&H: $6.99


6.7″ high (17 cm) x 4″ wide. A good teaching aid, identifies all of the zones in the ear. Some specific points are indicated, however, most of the zones (ie, Heart, Stomach, Shen Men, etc.) do not have the related (red colored) points shown on the model. Includes point name and description book.

This ear model actually comes under the “Self help Acupuncture Model” concept, and is appropriate for our use. It’s not extremely detailed like most acupuncture ear models and is pretty accurate in reflex location. If you would like to see a larger picture, contact me.

I’ve been using mine with my clients, health fairs, workshops, etc. People can’t resist picking it up to look at (as with the model feet) and it’s a good conversation starter!

cd2CD – Kokopelli’s Soul – The Whisper

Price: $11.99 S&H: $3.99

The music of Johnsy Gonzales

The Whisper – reflects a layering of influences by different contemporary musical styles, that soothe the human heart and enlighten the spirit, expressing feelings and emotions through the wide variety of the Native Wind Instruments of the Americas. Kokopelli’s Soul is a 58 min CD featuring Pan Pipes and Flutes from Native America.

Click here for an mp3 Sample

reflexology_hand_chart Hand Reflexology Chart

Price: $8.00 S&H: $3.99

8.5″ X 11″ laminated, double sided Hand Reflexology chart. Laminated for durability. Large enough to display in your office, yet, small enough to bring with you to Workshops, Health Fairs, etc.

One side shows the vertical and horizontal Zones and the other side dorsal and palmar hand maps showing the anatomical relationship between the hand reflexes and the corresponding areas of the body.

reflexology_license_plate_holderLicense Place Holder

Price: $2.00 S&H: $3.99

I Love Reflexology – Let the world know!

White plastic with black lettering.

Wooden Feet Cutouts (1 pair)

Price: $1.50 S&H: $2.99

What’s afoot in Reflexology!

2 ¼” wide
4 ½” long
1/8″ thick Plywood

Uses limited only by your Imagination! These feet would be wonderful as part of a door decoration for your business – or – perhaps you’d like to hang a pair on the wall in the waiting room, or the session room (or – the bathroom). Maybe you’d like to have some feet “walking up the wall”, or as an addition to an outdoor wooden sign for your business! They can be stained, painted, decoupage, stenciled…

Online Educational Courses

  Nancy Bartlett, NBCR – ARCB Provider P00126

Marketing YOU and YOUR Business

Price: $59.00/$99.00

Every business needs a Marketing Plan. It’s the act of treating your business like a business – not just a hobby. This is an opportunity to create your plan from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Everything you need for the workshop is in the workbook. The course consists of five chapters. Each chapter will contain business strategy information and then concentrate on what’s needed for your business. Upon completion, you will have your:

  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Bio
  • Marketing Plan
  • Elevator Speech
  • Plan for your business environment
  • Tools for networking and educating others about your Business

There are two Options:

  1. Purchase the workbook outright, complete and submit, for feedback and suggestions from me. $59.00.
  2. For ARCB CEUs (8) – It will be interactive, by Chapter. Each chapter needs to be completed and returned to me for feedback, discussion and evaluation before receiving the next chapter. It is estimated to take eight hours to complete. Upon completing all requirements, as listed above, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for 8 ARCB CEUs. $99.00.

For more information, contact me at

Purchase the workbook outright.  Price:  $59.00

For ARCB CEUs (8).   Price:  $99.00